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Chat with Terminal Labs on Matrix. We have a homeserver you can join, and a public space in it called TL Open.

Here's how to make an account an join with the Matrix client Element:

  1. Go to and either download the Element app or launch it from the web interface.

  2. Click "Sign In".

  3. Under Homeserver, next to where it says "", click "Edit".

  4. Type in the Other homeserver field and click continue.

  5. Under Sign in, click "create account".

  6. Fill out username and password, click Register, and complete captcha.

  7. Click "skip".

  8. In the top left, to the right of "Home" click the + button.

  9. Click "Join public room".

  10. Click "Join" on TL open.

  11. Under Rooms and spaces you will see the #general room. Click it and join.