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Lektor Tutorial

written by Joseph Nix on 2017-04-26

Lektor is a static file generator, CMS, and Framework that can be used to easily build a beautiful static website. Many websites are read far more often then they are changed, so a static site is a good option. Lektor makes this as easy as it can get. You can read more about what Lektor is and why it's valuable on the official documentation site, Get Lektor.

This is a short tutorial for how to get up and running with the Lektor Quickstart, and gives a quick overview of what the Quickstart provides. This follows the same themes that are on the Get Lektor site, but shows a bit more step by step how to get up and running, and shows the initial state of a new Lektor project while offer a basic description. There are more advanced Lektor features that this tutorial does not get into, such as Flowblocks and the specifics of Pagination. For real world examples of Lektor in action, you can see Lektor's Showcase. This website you're viewing right now is also built with Lektor, and is open sourced here on GitHub

*Note: This installs and uses Lektor 2.3, current install from pip at the moment. Future versions may look or behave differently.

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